Sunday, 17 June 2012

Best SEO Training Institute Bangalore

I would suggest you to undergo demo classes for two to three days because I have seen many institutes conducting one demo class and ask students to pay the amount for training, I think this is not fair. Students need best training institutes available in their city like Banglaore for any softwares like Java, Dot Net, SAP , SEO and Testing. Some institutes tell that we do give job guarantee but don't trust those, trust institutes only which give assistance.

Here at Ematic Technologies we cover these topics

1. SEO (For every Page Optimization)
a. Website Analysis 
b. Content optimization (Optimize every web page of website as per keywords)
c. Keyword research and analysis with list
d. Competitors Analysis
e. Set up Analytic code 
f. Google sitemap creation
g. Webmaster tool setup 
h. Title tag Optimization per keyword and webpage
i. Meta Tag optimization per keyword and webpage
j. Content optimization
k. Robots.txt optimization
l. XML Site Map creation 
m. Image & hyperlink optimization 
n. Comprehensive Keyword Analysis
o. Browser compatibility check 
p. Page weight checking
q. CSS , XHTML validation 
r. Header tag modification & updating 
s. Duplicate content checking 
t. W3c validation (Making Website W3C Standard)
u. Restoring broken links
On Page Practices
1.      Site Analysis 
2.      Keyword Research
3.      Meta Tag Optimization
4.      Content  Optimization
5.      Building Internal Link Structure & Url structuring 
6.      Sitemap.xml 
7.      Webmaster tool for Google, Yahoo, Bing
1.      Site Analysis
ü  Canonical Issue Checking (Need to fix with 301 redirection for http & www urls. )
ü  Broken Link Checking ( Xenu)
ü  Back link Checking  ( Back link watch)
ü  Html Validation
ü  CSS  Validation 
ü  Browser Compatibility ( (Check with Google analytics – under visitors – Browser Entries.
ü  Meta Tag checking
2.      Keyword Research
ü  Google ad words external keyword tool (For generic keywords go with Exact match, for long tail keywords / Keyword combination go with Phrase & Broad match
ü  Search based keyword tool ( SK Tool ) If we give the site name & few keywords it suggest  hundreds of domain related keywords
ü  Google Insight Search – Give the search term select the location, category and duration you can get  the suggestions for top searches & Rising Searches 
ü  Google trends  - For Country, Region wise trends
ü  Get suggestions from Google analytics for long tail keywords
3.      Title & Meta Tag Optimization 
ü   Title Tag – Use up to 65-70 characters ( 1st priority to Primary Keywords)
ü  Use Separators like |, for same type of keywords use “.”
ü  Description – Google display up to 160 char, yahoo 165, Bing 200 in the serp results. So make your description in between 160 to 200. 
ü  Description -  Describe the page content shortly combined with the targeting keywords
ü  Keyword –  Add 5 to 10 keywords with the combination of  meta title keywords 
4.       Content Optimization 
ü   Use the Header Tags ( Put the H1 to the Primary Keywords )
ü  Give the link the important page with your targeting keyword anchor text
ü  Make that page content more than 400 words and use that your keywords on less than 6%
ü  Don’t do keyword stuffing for search engine ranking purpose
5.       Internal Link Structuring & Url Restructuring  
ü  Check the site navigation and make the site for  search engine entirely crawl your site
ü  Use your keyword in the website URL &  (-) for keyword phrases
       6.  Sitemap.xml 
ü  Creating  Sitemap.xml & Urllist.txt for every month Because we have too many campaign and Inventory pages
ü  Sitemap.xml in Gzip format (It helps to reduce your bandwidth requirement & loading time). It would be compress your sitemap files. (for example 100 kb file convert into 10kb)
ü  Creating Robots.txt and hide secured pages from Search Engine vision 
8.      Webmaster Tool 
ü  Settings => GEO Target as United States
ü   Settings => Preferred Domain - Select display www. format 
ü  Diagnostics => Crawl Error ( Not found 404 & Unreachable 500 )
ü  Diagnostics =>  Html Suggestions ( find duplicate Title tag & Description )
ü  Diagnostics =>  Malware  (You can weather your site is affected or not)
1. Directory Submission
2. Article submission
3. Social bookmarking
4. Forum posting
5. Blog Creations
6. Blog Posting
7. Press Release submission
8. RSS Feed Directory submission
9. Local Classifieds Add
10. Global Classifieds Add
11. Free Yellowpages
12. Image Optimization
13. Video Optimization
14. Social Networking sites Add.
15. Free Advertisement .

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Hi Ematic,

My name is Suresh and I am taking classes for SEO at Ematic for freshers. Ematic is the best training institute which is located in Bangalore and they are giving the real time training on all software concepts like SAP, Testing, Java, Dot net and C.  Here I do make my students very confident on my subject that is SEO. Classes are build with very good ambience.

If you are interested kindly visit us.

If you want the discount coupon or vochure for getting training in Ematic you can contact me @9886706329, I can help you( helping hands are better than praying hands which I believe).